A Time For Romance 🖤

Updated: Jun 1

If she had to pin point out when she knew she had fallen for him

From the moment she met him his magnetic charm gave her butterflies

He had a warm


Playful aurora about him

But truly she had fallen after

what could have turned into such a horrible day if he hadn’t stepped in to be her knight and shining armor.

She had so much going on this semester trying to juggle a full time load of classes, work and maintain somewhat of a social life let’s just say things weren’t really falling into place for her.

She was struggling in the major that was somehow suppose to be her “future” career.

If this was suppose to be the easy part she couldn’t even imagine what medical school would be like.

After Football practice she went home to work on her lab report that was as you guessed it due today. Of course a good student would only be revising their assignment due today but we all get the job done differently one would say. Anyways

She had just wrapped up her Organic Chemistry lab report.

She got the text he was on his way to pick up his necklace she was holding for him.

She never told anyone but she felt honored he trusted her with his chain

In between finishing the report and getting excited to see him again she didn’t save the report.

The stage 5 meltdown that was about to happen the moment she realized her mistake

Was somehow intercepted and rationalized with a plan. He helped her figure out something to turn in.

Like the knight he was he even drove her to campus to make it to class on time and to top it off he even offered to pick her up after her 3 hour lab.

His kindness was so unexpected but yet so appreciated during such an emotional moment in her life. To thank him she wanted to cook him a nice meal forgetting the small detail that she couldn’t cook. But she wanted more time with him and honestly how hard could cooking be ?

They took a trip to the Walmart near campus to gather the ingredients for the feast she was planning to prepare for him.

*2 hours

And Burnt chicken later …..

The food was a disaster

Luckily he was kind and didn’t laugh at her to her face about the burnt frozen chicken and undercooked rice she tried to serve him.

He was too classy to make her feel bad.

Yet again another reason to add to her many reasons

Of ways he mad her heart skip a beat

That day will forever stay etched into her heart 🖤

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