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A Christmas Miracle 🤶🏿

The Writer’s Room🖊

Are you excited for Christmas?

🤶🏿 🎅🏿🎄

The StoryTeller 🦋

The Holidays are always a special time where anything seems possible and a Christmas miracle is always one wish away

For some of us who get cheated for Birthdays and Christmas

Being born In December

We are forced to combine the two lol

Ember had a very special Birthday/Christmas Wish she was sending out to the universe

All she wanted was to reclaim her time

She did everything she was told she needed

To do

She went to college

Even went the extra mile to earn her Master’s

But yet she still she wasn’t a Master of her own time

And that’s what she wanted most of all

To live the life she desired

Which was simply to have fun

Unlike other people if they were asked

What would they do with more time?

She dreamt about this every single day

And she knew it was only a matter of time

Before her dreams became her reality

She was simple

She wanted to have enough money

That gave her the piece of mind

To live freely

She wanted to share the gift of self love

And kindness to the world through her Bookclub

She wanted that more than anything in this world

Her Time was what she wanted for her Birthday/Christmas

She would keep hoping for a Christmas miracle before time ran out

What’s on your Christmas list this year ?

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