He was yet again flabbergasted by this girl

Yet again

Like this had to be some weird alternate universal or this girl was really out of league

And never in a million years did he ever think he would utter these words

And it wasn’t even on a superficial level

Because she was gorgeous

And he was definitely easy on the eyes

But it just didn’t make sense

How none of his usual charm worked

And he could genuinely say he was putting effort to get her attention

Now he isn’t one to count coins

But he even purchased her

Over priced shirt

For her book club

And posted a picture on his IG

Tagged her

To show support

And got no response

Not even a like


A comment

Just nothing


He was flabbergasted

Just lost for words

This never happened to him

He felt embarrassed

For putting himself out there

To be ignored

Maybe it was his fault

For even thinking this could be something

He was sure he felt different in her presence

And maybe that was selfish of him for trying to put a role on her she didn’t ask to play

He rarely gave up on anything

But he had taken so many embarrassing blows with this girl

Honestly he was beginning to fear for his clearly fragile ego

He was going to respectfully bow out

And let this fantasy go

He needed to distract himself for this disappointment that had no remedy

He sent a quick text to his pilot

And in a few minutes his town car was waiting outside

He needed to get away and clear his head

*he arrived at the jet

He watched the ground disappear and all he saw was clouds

How could he be so stupid

Ugh he had to let it go

And move on

He took out his phone and removed his Instagram app

He closed his phone and sat back and Watched the clouds float all around

He closed his eyes

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