Updated: Jan 12

He sat in the locker room

For what felt like ages

Everyone started to clear out

heading to the after parties or home

He had her Instagram pulled


And all he could do was stare

What was he going to say?



A messaged

Back spaced

He needed to play this cool

He went to her feed

There had to be something here

*he saw she recently posted

She was a blogger

And her question of the day was

“What’s on your mind “

*the light 💡

Came on

He responded to the question privately

And wrote



To her question

That sure should grab her attention

But then doubt started creeping in his mind

What if she didn’t respond ?

What if she thought he was corny ?

*25 minutes had passed

with no response

His phone was blowing up with notifications

But none from the person he was expecting

Damn another L for the night he mused to himself

*he clicked the keys

To unlock

His Matte Black

G wagon

He locked the doors

*couldn’t let anyone catch him slipping

He turned on the radio

And started

Of course

  • j cole -powertrip starts to play

He glanced down at his phone

Still nothing from her

He tried to play it cool

Maybe she was busy

He told himself

He pulled into his drive way *


He Turned on the lights

And headed to his game room

He needed to clear his mind

he turned on his game set

and allowed himself to immerse into this virtual reality

He needed a win today

Even if it was virtual

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