Updated: Jan 12

His team had just lost

One of their 4th game of season

They were 13-4 currently

It wasn’t bad

But he was trying to keep his winning streak

He couldn’t get out of his head about that play he fumbled

He just couldn’t seem to focus

*he punched the locker

This girl was starting to really tick him off

*breathe he had to tell himself

He counted to three

He knew it wasn’t her fault

He had been struggling in practice all week

He had so much personal matters going on

Plus football

Everything seem to fall on his shoulders

And he hated to admit it

But he was getting kinda tired of carrying this weight

He just wanted to be free

He rarely felt that

But when he was with her he felt …..

Like he could finally exhale

and feel what it really feels like to breathe

He needed to Clear his head

He wanted to call her

Hear her voice

But he didn’t have her number

*he remembered

She had liked a picture of his recently

He went to her profile picture on Instagram

She recently posted

he went to the direct message button

*then he paused

What was he going to say

He couldn’t just say hey

That was so corny

Ugh …he groaned

he never over thought like this before

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