Being on earth with y’all feels like a punishment

And I’m truly trying to understand what I did in my past lifetime to be stuck here with y’all

It’s legit crazy what we are forced to endure

And accept as if “that’s how it is”

When legit we could make this world whatever we want

But we choose to

Allow people to be in poverty





Honestly when you see how disgusting people’s energies are

It legit makes no sense to leave your house

Everyday I feel

I am suffocating in a mental cage

And I fight it everyday

But when you look at this world

Some days it’s like what’s the point

It’s so emotionally draining

Deadling with the constant buzzing of this world

Majority of time it’s pointless buzzing

Like don’t y’all get tired ?

I legit wish people would just take a moment and breathe

Like y’all ready didn’t understand the assignment again

Of what the pandemic did

Unlike y’all

I’m never going back to the “pre-pandemic “ life

I genuinely feel I was reborn

In 2020

This version of me is elite

Like I legit don’t take any ish

I do what I want

I buy what I want

Like I am happy

And it’s genuine

Wish more people could experience this level of


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